Staffie Support ebook The Adventures of Harry and Bonny

‘The Adventures
of Harry and Bonny’

‘The House of Cats and Dogs’
& ‘Witches in the Garden’

Two short stories very kindly donated by Staffie Support’s patron, young author Charles Eades, to support the work of Staffie Support.

These stories are great fun and a recommended read for kids of all ages!

We’re asking you to make a small donation of just £3.00 for which you will receive a PDF ebook download of these wonderful stories, ready for you to read on your PC or other device such as a smart phone, tablet or ebook reader.

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Donations accepted via Paypal or credit/debit card. If you’d prefer to make a donation offline, please contact us


“Once in an abandoned house in Cheshire, there lived a cat and a dog. They were a tabby cat named Harry and a Staffordshire bull terrier called Bonny. These two were an unusual pair since dogs and cats are not known for being the best of friends. Yet not only did Bonny and Harry get along (more or less) they in fact preferred each other’s company to that of members of their own species. For this reason they were content to live together, unconcerned with humans or other animals, save for the small creatures that Harry liked hunting.”

How we use your donation:

All donations are used directly to help Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the pound, or are passed to other reputable animal rescue organisations to help them to help Staffies. Donations are used to help cover costs such as neuting/spaying, vaccinations & other veterinary care, emergency boarding fees, transport costs etc.

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