Our aims

Aims & Objectives of Staffie Support

About the SBT Crisis

Due to the sheer volume of SBT’s arriving in Local Authority ‘pounds’, animal rescues are struggling to cope, and compared to other breeds of dog the SBT’s are frequently the ones remaining in the pounds when the dreaded ‘put to sleep date’ arrives.

How we aim to help

Our aims are:

  • to campaign for greater public awareness of SBT overbreeding and euthanisation
  • to promote the SBT as a family pet and advertise specific SBT’s in rescue awaiting adoption
  • to raise funds to support the UK’s SBT’s to ensure that more of them can get out of the pound and in to rescues where they can be rehomed

We hope to achieve our fundraising aims via numerous methods such as general appeals for donations from our supporters and the public; grants and commercial sponsorship partnerships.

100% of the funds raised will then be either:

  • Donated direct to UK animal rescue organisations to support their care of SBT’s
  • Spent directly on SBT’s in the pound system to provide neutering/spaying, vaccinating, flea treatment, worming or other veterinary procedures required to increase their chances of rescue & rehoming
  • Used to promote the SBT crisis such as creating information packs, posters etc., to advertise SBT’s in rescue awaiting adoption & to enable us to attend animal rescue events to promote our campaign further.

Details of all income and outgoings will be recorded in full on our website.

Our structure

We are a non-profit fundraising group working as an Unincorporated Association as per our constitution. Our organisation was officially formed on 30th May 2011.

We are working in association with the staff and members of Rescue Helpers Unite, an online community that provides volunteer assistance for UK animal rescues (over 160 rescue organisations and 1600+ members registered as of May 2011).

We have a board of trustees who oversee the management of the group including managing a bank account, recording of incomings & outgoings, organising fundraising and campaigning events, recruiting supporters.


We welcome people to join us as supporters and will encourage supporters to particpate in fundraising & campaigning plus the general management of the group, along with the board of trustees.

Charitable status

Fundraising groups with an income of under £5000 per year cannot register for charitable status, therefore we are not a registered charity. Our aims are charitable and 100% of the funds raised will be used to achieve our aims (as above).