Happy New Year from Staffie Support!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2013!

We’d like to start the year by saying THANK YOU so much to everyone who’s helped Staffie Support in 2012. Your donations and support are greatly appreciated and have allowed us to help Staffies and the rescues that are working hard to save them.

You are the driving force behind Staffie Support and we’d be nothing without you, so THANK YOU.

Between the end of 2011 when we started sending out funds and during 2012, we’ve been able to send out over £1660 to rescue organisations helping Staffies, including:

19.12.11 Helping Hands Dog Rescue £200.00
01.03.12 Forest Dog Rescue £117.04
Homeless Hounds £200.00
02.05.12 East Midlands Dog Rescue £150.00
13.05.12 Ravenswood Rescue £150.00
16.05.12 All Dogs Matter £50.00
16.05.12 Homeless Hounds £50.00
17.05.12 Forgotten Dogs £100.00
18.05.12 Rochdale Dog Rescue £100.00
8.06.12 Bully Befrienders £50.00
12.09.12 Impawtant Pups £50.00
25.09.12 Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary £75.00
25.09.12 Homeless Hounds £25.00
25.09.12 Safe and Sound £100.00
Wild Acre Rescue £90.00
10.11.12 Safe and Sound £50.00
20.11.12 Impawtant Pups £75.00
02.01.13 Homeless Hounds £30.00

What will 2013 have in store for Staffie Support?

We’re not sure yet! But we’re very open to suggestions. We’re looking for people who’d like to get involved whether that’s organising fundraising events, raising awareness, helping to get press coverage for the Staffie situation – WHATEVER you’d like to do to help, please just get in touch because we would love to hear from you.

We are just two people, and quite busy people at that! So although we are very proud of what Staffie Support has achieved so far, there’s still so much more we’d like to do to help Staffies, and sadly there’s so many still in need.

Staffies in the pound at Christmas

This Christmas and New Year has been a heartbreaking period with quite a few Staffies being put to sleep at the end of their 7 days, sometimes without even having a chance at finding rescue backup or a new home.

This is Gem.

Gem wasn’t an old dog, she didn’t have any known health or behaviourial issues. The volunteers trying to find her a rescue space said this about her – “She has a lovely friendly nature and loves cuddles and sitting on your lap”.

Staffie Support offered to pay for Gem’s spay operation and hoped that a rescue could come forward to take her on for rehoming.

Gem was euthanised just a few days after the New Year, as soon as her 7 days in the pound were up.

And she’s not the only one taken too soon, multiple healthy, young Staffies have been killed at this pound in just the last week.

We want to help rescues and pound helpers to STOP this from happening, and we need your help to do that. Please do get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to help with, no matter how small (even just putting up posters in your local vets, pet shops etc. can raise awareness for the cause).

Let’s make 2013 a good year for more of the UK’s Staffordshire Bull Terriers!

Thank you,
Jo & Eileen
Staffie Support

Staffie Support sending £200 to poundie organisation Homeless Hounds to help Staffies

Thanks to everyone’s kind donations and the fantastic support from Lucky 13 Tattoo in Leicester recently raising £680 for Staffie Support, we’ve recently had more funds available and this has meant we’ve been able to send a £200 donation (we’re calling them mini-grants) to a UK poundie organisation, Homeless Hounds.

Homeless Hounds is charitable organisation working primarily with a stray dog kennel in the North West. They deal with large numbers of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffie crosses (along with other breeds) and their volunteers and trustees work incredibly hard to save as many as they can.

We’ve sent this donation to help fund their work, especially since they’ve recently received large vets bills for dogs in their care. We hope the funds we have raised will help them to continue helping many Staffies and finding them great rescue spaces across the UK.

If you don’t already know Homeless Hounds please do visit their website and find out more about them and give them your support. They are working so hard and they’ve recently had to deal with quite a few dogs that have ‘slipped through the net’ and been put to sleep by their local pound, and although this is incredibly upsetting and disheartening they continue to fight for the dogs that they can help.

“Homeless-Hounds are a group of dedicated people who believe that the unnecessary destruction of healthy dogs is both immoral and unacceptable.

We work primarily with a kennels in the North West to save the lives of stray and abandoned dogs by finding them places of safety and transporting them there.

We work closely with rescues across the country who take our dogs when they have space and we have a dedicated team of foster families who look after dogs when a space for them can’t be found. Once a space is found we use kind volunteers to help us transport these dogs to safety.

Often abandoned dogs are ill or injured and we need to care for them until they are well enough to move on. Vets fees and caring for these dogs cost a lot of money so we are always looking for people to help with our fundraising because without funds we cannot save these dogs lives.”

Visit www.homeless-hounds.co.uk to find out more about their work
Sign up as a volunteer at Rescue Helpers Unite now and help Homeless Hounds and other poundie organisations to save more Staffies

SUPER URGENT! Less than 24 hours left for friendly 18 month old Staffie girl, Gyspy

This is incredibly urgent. If you can help or know anyone that can PLEASE post on Gypsy’s thread on Rescue Helpers Unite (login required, or post in Guest Area if you’d rather not register)

Gypsy is a female Staffie currently in the care of a Local Authority pound, approx. 18 months old and described as “a very sweet natured girl…Loves cuddles”


Gypsy is at very serious risk of being killed tomorrow (30th March 2012) :(

Post on RHU if you can help.

URGENT 17 year old Staffie boy needs rescue placement

There’s always a large number of Staffies in urgent need of rescue backup (and usually at serious risk of euthanisation), but every now and then an even sadder case occurs such as this – a 17 year old dog abandoned by his owner and now at risk of being put to sleep.

Mutley’s info was posted on Rescue Helpers Unite 2 weeks ago and his appeal is getting more and more urgent as the days roll by. There’s been no offers of rescue backup yet but ourselves (Staffie Support) and All Dogs Matter have both offered to contribute to his neutering costs if rescue backup can be found.

This old boy deserves to live out his last years in a comfortable home with owners that care. If you can help in any way at all please log on to RHU and post on his thread in the poundies needing backup section, or contact All Dogs Matter.

(Perhaps you know a rescue who can help, would like to donate to keep him alive or know someone who would be able to adopt Mutley? Please contact ADM and FAST!)


Copy of original post on RHU:

C314/11 “Mutley”

White/Tan SBTX Male Entire 17 years old Avail fm 4.3.12 NCF 1st vax 25.02.12.

Owner is known to Dog warden ..always let out to stray…didn’t claim him back this time, and enough is enough. Past his time and OK to go now..but is very urgent that we get him out quickly ..otherwise may go to be PTS.

Good bodily condition. Good with people and cats! Can be snappy with some dogs..needs to go to home where he is the only dog…for best placement. Likes treats, not really into toys. Lovely older chap! Doesn’t respond to any commands though. ??deaf?? Clean in his kennel! Loves company and cuddles!!

Still very active for his age you really wouldn’t think that he was 17 years old!!!! Really sweet old boy ..despite his aversion to some dogs (but manageable) …could be because he feels vulnerable in his senior years and cant see/hear as well as he used to

Your donations in action – Lucy, 2 year old Staffie in the pound, spay costs paid

Back in November we saw Lucy, a 2 year old female Staffie, posted on Rescue Helpers Unite.

She had previously been bred from but was now at risk of euthanasia in the pound.

We offered to pay for her spay using kind donations received from Staffie Supporters.

She got an offer of rescue backup with Forest Dog Rescue, a registered charity based in Worcestershire, and we recently sent off £115 for her spay after hearing back from the rescue.

Original post on Rescue Helpers Unite:

“She is a beautiful loving 2 year old staff girl, she has been bred from and is micro chip but the usual story :-( She is dark Brindle and white. She is very friendly. The pounds she is with fully assess there dogs so we know she is brilliant with people and children and she has not been cat tested.

Lucy likes nothing more than a roll over for her Tummy rubbed as you can see in her photo’s


Thank you to all the Staffie Supporters that contributed to helping Lucy and to Forest Dog Rescue for rehabilitating and rehoming her :)

Urgent appeal for Staffies Derry, Northern Ireland

We have received this appeal by email. If anyone can help, especially if you’re in Ireland or know a rescue in Ireland who could provide rescue backup, please contact the pound (details under the quote). Thank you.

“Please could you rescue these staffies in our local dog pound in Derry, Northern Ireland or they will be put to sleep! They have been there since Jan 4/12 at least and our single local dog rescue center is full to capacity and can’t help them (or they would gladly).

Here is the link a link to our local rescue center Rainbow Rehoming for Cats and Dogs (http://www.rainbowrehoming.com/adopt/dogs_line1.htm#Pound) with pictures of the dogs in the Pound and all info needed to contact Derry Dog Pound where the dogs presently are, but please hurry, they don’t keep them very long before they put them to sleep!

Thank you for your help. If you know of any other rescue people in Northern Ireland that could help, I would be most willing to contact them myself to save these poor dogs.

Liz Jordan
Derry, N.I.”

Pound contact details available from this website – http://www.rainbowrehoming.com

Here are some photo’s, there may be more Staffies in need than the ones shown below, still working out the details.