Staffies needing homes at College Garth Kennels, Leicestershire

College Garth Kennels in Leicestershire have lots of lovely Staffies looking for new homes and they’re also looking for volunteers for dog walking.


If you’re looking to adopt a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or you’re looking for dog rescue volunteering in their area please get in touch with them:

Address: College Garth Kennels, Derby Road, Hathern, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5LD

01509 842327 or 07803 562306

Opening times:
9am – 5pm Mon – Fri
9am – 4pm Sat – Sun

“College Garth Kennels is a stray dog rescue kennel in Hathern Leicestershire. We work with the local councils to reunite and rehome stray dogs and think the best way to choose a new dog is by rehoming one.”

Bruce – an energetic 9 year old Staffie needs a home!

Redgate Sanctuary are appealing for a home for Bruce, if you’re interested please contact them via the info below or if you know someone else who may be interested pass on the link to this page. Thanks!



Bruce is almost 9 years old, castrated, vaccinated and microchipped. He does not behave like an older dog, he has plenty of energy, loves his walks and enjoys playing ball. He is a very friendly and gentle boy who enjoys the company of people as well as meeting other dogs on walks. Above all he loves a cuddle and will be happiest in a home where he is not left on his own for long hours.

If you require more information please let me know. People who might be interested in meeting Bruce can visit Redgate sanctuary any day between 10 am and 4 pm. Our address is 233 Shaw Lane, Markfield, LE67 9PW Tel: 01530 243925”

Rescue needed for Charlie – White Staffie, 7 years old, male

We’ve received this request for help via email, we hope to get more information soon but if anyone might be able to help please do get in touch and we can pass on the contact details.

We are here from NZ to see mother-in-law(79) after operation, her 7 and half year old white staffie x is too much for her now, we are trying to find a home for him before we go back on the 26th July, we have phoned numerus places, all full,we can not go back and leave him with her, could you help, we are willing to transport him anywhere in the country and would be willing to make a donation if you could help us, thanks.

Donations in action – funds sent to East Midlands Dog Rescue to help Staffies

We’ve recently sent a £150 donation to East Midlands Dog Rescue to help fund the care of 2 staffies they have taken in to their care for rehoming.

Although EMDR are not normally a staffie focused rescue, usually working with Lurchers as you can see from the dogs needing homes page, the rescue is currently helping 2 staffies that are considered ‘hard to rehome’ due to their age/health issues, so we wanted to help fund their care.

The 2 dogs are Sasha, a female Staffie with health and separation anxiety issues (she’s not up for rehoming yet), and Jarvis, an older boy who doesn’t get on with other dogs:


9 year old brindle Staffie

Male, Neutered

Why has Jarvis been in rescue for over a year? Well, his crime was….. to be born a Staffie…….Like hundreds of these over-bred little dogs, Jarvis is overlooked by people who are wary of taking them on. Jarvis is the most lovable, sweet natured old boy you could ever imagine with people – here comes the BUT….he doesn’t always like other dogs.

Solution to this problem:

Do you only want one pet? Yes!

When you are out walking will you ‘respect’ other people’s pets and keep Jarvis on a lead? Yes!

Well it isn’t rocket science after all – SIMPLES

Take a Staffie home…Enjoy the benefits of this loving breed. Be RESPONSIBLE when out in public. Now …Give this boy a home …PLEASE!

If you’d like to find out more about Sasha and Jarvis or would like to support EMDR please visit the East Midlands Dog Rescue website for more info and do what you can to help! Thank you

Ivan ex-poundie Staffie desperately needs a foster home or forever home

Meet Ivan, an ex-poundie Staffordshire Bull Terrier in URGENT need of a foster home (with rescue backup) or forever home. He’s not doing well in kennels and needs out asap.

If you can help at all please contact

SBT (White with black markings)
Entire. Will be neutered prior to rehoming.
5 years old approx.

Hello my name is Ivan. I am a 5 year old white staffordshire bull terrier. I ended up with Helping Hands after finding myself on death row in a dog pound. I don’t understand why noone came to claim me.

Apparently I’m a wonderful example of my breed – a typical, active, sociable staffie. I love humans and everyone tells me I’m really great company. I am fine with other dogs when I’m out and about. The staff here say I’m a bit of a ladies man… I have been out on walks with several of the lady dogs at the kennels & quite liked them, so I could possibly live with a female dog. Having said that, I do love getting all the attention, so I’d be just as happy being the only dog in my house.

Although it isn’t known if I have lived with children before, I have been very good with the children at the kennels, so I could probably live with dog-savvy children over the age of 8, provided my new owner understands the responsibility involved in having a dog and children.

I am a busy young man so I’m looking for an active home where I can get involved in the family’s activities and have lots of stimulation and exercise. I will need at least an hour’s off lead exercise every day in a safe enclosed space. Ideally I would like an owner who is at home most of the day, as I can get a little lonely if I’m on my own for too long. I do have some basic training in place, but I would love to go to training classes so I can brush up on my doggie manners. I have not been cat tested, so it’s not known whether I am safe to live with cats or small furries.

Can any rescue help this gorgeous baby boy back on his feet? He is so very miserable in kennels. A good foster home could transform him.

If you can help at all please contact

6 year old rescue Staffie Chelsea deserves a special home!

Chelsea is a brindle Staffie, approx. 6 years of age who’s looking for a new home after being picked up as a stray.

She came in to rescue care last May and is currently being cared for in kennels in West Wales. She’s been waiting for her new home for quite a while already and she needs a special someone with the experience and patience to help her calm down and learn some basic training after being neglected and abandoned in her past.

Here’s what Chelsea’s rescuers, Ceredigion Animal Rescue and Education, have to say about her:

Chelsea is around 6 years old and seems to be in good physical health. She is full of energy almost to the point of being hyperactive (she doesn’t “do” standing still long enough for a decent picture!) therefore will need a home with an experienced handler who has the time and patience to help her calm down, overcome her anxiety and introduce her to a world that consists of more than just 4 walls.

Chelsea will have to be homed as an only dog as she does not get along with other dogs or cats. She is very loving to humans and likes a lap to sit on.

Basic training will be needed as she does not have much idea how to behave in social situations yet.

We are yet to her assess her with children but will be posting updates when her assessment is complete and of course any progress she makes whilst in our care.

August 2011

We finally have some more pictures of Chelsea – not from want of trying but from her insisting on snogging the photographer and refusing to stand still! This little dog is a totally blank canvas who could be helped to become the perfect lapdog (well, that is what she likes best!) by the right home – and if we were offered a foster home to help her on her way we would jump at the chance.

September 2011

Poor old Chelsea – no interest at all. She may be able to live with another dog as she has improved so much in her attitude…. obviously careful introductions and a few meetings would be needed first!

October 2011

Poor Chelsea, overlooked for so many reasons

She is a staffie
overcome that
She has no training
overcome that
She loves it so much at the kennels getting fed and attention she gets very anxious away from them

December 2011

“I really love the people at the kennels, they cuddle me, they feed me, they calm me down, they keep me warm, they look after me – all the things I never had before I came to them, and I know I can safely live there for the rest of my life, but they get very sad and say they wish someone special would come along to show me what a real home is like. They say people will look at me and go oh no because

I am a Staffie
I am middle aged
I am a Staffie
I have had no training
I am Staffie
I get very anxious when I am taken away from the only security I have ever known
I am a Staffie

Someone did come to meet me and we fell in love, he was going to take me home at the end of his holiday and we went out for walks a lot. I was not scared when he took me out. I have not seen him for a long time, he changed his mind.

I would like someone to become my whole universe, my reason for living, my adored human – is it you?”

You can stay up to date on Chelsea’s progress on her forum thread here

To enquire about adopting Chelsea or to find out how you can help her and other rescue dogs in her situation please contact CARE – Ceredigion Animal Rescue and Education


Plea for Polo – Staffie cross has been waiting for adoption for 3 years!

Meet Polo. He’s a beautiful 5 year old Staffie cross, currently in the care of Animal Aid Liverpool and the poor little fella has been waiting for his new forever family to arrive for 3 YEARS!

He’s a happy, friendly dog who can live in homes with children over 8, but preferably he would be the only dog in the home (although he is being socialised and may now be able to be rehomed with another dog, check out his Facebook page for updates)

He’s described as:

“Gorgeous friendly boy, cuddly and kissy! such a friendly boy but has issues with other dogs and is a bit of an escape artist, this is his only downfall”

(As with many dogs, his escape artist routine may improve once he gets in to a permanent home.)

If you can help by advertising Polo for rehoming please do (there’s some ‘share this page’ buttons on the left), or if you’re interested in adopting (or know of anyone who might be interested) please spread the word! Let’s help get this lad out of rescue and in to a permanent home.

> Find out more and keep up to date on Polo’s progress at his Facebook page –

Appeal for help for 2 staffies in need of rehoming

We have recently received an appeal for help (see below) for 2 staffies in need of rehoming plus a 10 year old cat and a guinea pig (*guinea pig may be sorted*)

If you can help by offering a rescue space or a new home please get in touch and we will pass on the contact details.

Thank you

“I have an agility friend who has gone through a lot of turmoil in the past couple of years, nasty divorce, fight for house and now she has a new relationship, is setting up home and has fallen pregnant. Unfortunately, now she is in the position of having to find homes for some of her animals due to re-jigging of lifestyle and the family commitments new partner brings. A guinea pig, a 10 year old cat, an 8 year old agility trained male staffie and a 7 year old female staffie who is a beautiful silver colour and has a fantastic temperament with other dogs and humans. Please can anyone help to ensure these animals find just as good a home as they have had with her? She is finding the whole decision heartbreaking and awful. She is keeping 2 staffies and 2 cats”

Lovely oldie Staffie girl, Madge, is looking for her new forever family – can you help?

Update: January 2012 – Made has found her forever home! Woohoo! Have a great life Madge!

Madge is an 9+ year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who ended up in the pound after being found as a stray.

This lovely old girl has been in the care of Solo Sanctuary animal rescue for months now, bless her. Can you help her to find a new home or a foster place?

She’s a real people dog and loves to get attention and a good fussing! She’s house trained and travels well in the car. She would be happiest living as the only dog in the house (although is fine walking with, past and sitting with other dogs) and she’s not keen on cats.

Madge is currently based in Nottingham but can be rehomed anywhere in the UK subject to a successful homecheck and the new family’s willingness to come and meet her first.

Watch her video below and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with her just as we have!

Find out more about Madge over at the Solo Sanctuary website

Help Madge by crossposting:

You can also help Madge to find her new forever family by crossposting her info on your website, facebook, twitter, myspace etc. (there’s a button on the left which you can use to share this page), or print out her poster (contact Solo Sanctuary for more info on the poster) and stick it up in your area.

Help Madge by being her sponsor:

Solo Sanctuary have a great sponsor dog scheme to help fund the care of their rescue animals – a great way to help support Madge until her new home is found! Find out more about sponsoring Madge

Please do what you can! Madge is an old lady and she deserves to be in a comfy loving home instead of kennels! Thank you.

8 year old deaf Staffie girl urgently needs a new home, currently in Tonbridge, Kent

This lovely old Staffie girl needs a new home urgently. She’s 8 years old and deaf, she is child friendly but is not suitable to live with another dog – can you help?

She is currently located in Tonbridge, Kent and her current carer cannot keep her and needs her to be moved as quickly as possible.

If you can help by offering a new home, rescue backup or even just advice on who might be able to help her, please contact us. (We have posted her info on Rescue Helpers Unite and forwarded her details to the Deaf Dog Network)