Meet Charlie – a 4yr old Staffie left with fighting injuries and now abandoned by his owner

Poor Charlie was posted on Rescue Helpers Unite yesterday.

Safe and Sound, an organisation that finds refuge for dogs from Local Authority pounds, are currently keeping him in boarding kennels until a rescue space can be secured.

Below is a copy of his appeal. If you can help with a donation towards his care or know a good rescue that could offer backup and safely rehome him, please get in touch with Safe and Sound asap.

CHARLIE – Owner no longer wants. Signed over.

4yr old approx, entire staffie male. Cleft palate and Cryptorchid (undescended testicle which needs to be removed). FULLY VACCINATED – 2nd vax done today.

(Update: The vet who gave Charlie his 2nd vax this morning is almost certain that Charlie does not in fact have a cleft lip and suspects in is actually an old fighting injury.)

Poor Charlie was traded on facebook sometime last week and sold to a family with THREE children under 5.

A few days after he arrived, it became clear he was not comfortable around the youngest child, a 10 month old baby that has just started walking. Charlie would growl in the baby’s presence so it was decided that he couldn’t stay and he was put back up on facebook looking for his second home in a week or they would PTS!

The new owner said he was fine with the other two children (aged 2 and 5, just not the baby) and he had reportedly come from another home with a 5 year old. She says he seemed fine around other dogs while out on walks, though she did not let him off the lead.

We had to step in last night and get the family to sign him over to the pound, to stop him being placed into yet another unchecked home with yet more under 5s and no rescue back up in place. Fortunately he was just down the road from the pound we already work with so he has been taken there, where believe it or not, he will be safer than if we’d left him to the facebook traders.

The pound have advised that the council will not pay for this boy’s stay, they are certain he would be deemed unrehomeable due to his medical conditions and would be PTS We will therefore need to raise money to pay for his boarding at the pound ourselves as we will not let that happen to him! We think he’s rather beautiful!

If anyone can contribute towards his boarding, donations can be sent via Paypal to:


The vet who gave Charlie his 2nd vax this morning is almost certain that Charlie does not in fact have a cleft lip and suspects in is actually an old fighting injury.

Despite this, Charlie seemed dog friendly while at the vets, he met quite a few dogs there and was perfectly happy to be around them. The pound will dog test him properly for us once he has settled in.

Visit Safe and Sound’s website:

SUPER URGENT! Less than 24 hours left for friendly 18 month old Staffie girl, Gyspy

This is incredibly urgent. If you can help or know anyone that can PLEASE post on Gypsy’s thread on Rescue Helpers Unite (login required, or post in Guest Area if you’d rather not register)

Gypsy is a female Staffie currently in the care of a Local Authority pound, approx. 18 months old and described as “a very sweet natured girl…Loves cuddles”


Gypsy is at very serious risk of being killed tomorrow (30th March 2012) :(

Post on RHU if you can help.

URGENT 17 year old Staffie boy needs rescue placement

There’s always a large number of Staffies in urgent need of rescue backup (and usually at serious risk of euthanisation), but every now and then an even sadder case occurs such as this – a 17 year old dog abandoned by his owner and now at risk of being put to sleep.

Mutley’s info was posted on Rescue Helpers Unite 2 weeks ago and his appeal is getting more and more urgent as the days roll by. There’s been no offers of rescue backup yet but ourselves (Staffie Support) and All Dogs Matter have both offered to contribute to his neutering costs if rescue backup can be found.

This old boy deserves to live out his last years in a comfortable home with owners that care. If you can help in any way at all please log on to RHU and post on his thread in the poundies needing backup section, or contact All Dogs Matter.

(Perhaps you know a rescue who can help, would like to donate to keep him alive or know someone who would be able to adopt Mutley? Please contact ADM and FAST!)


Copy of original post on RHU:

C314/11 “Mutley”

White/Tan SBTX Male Entire 17 years old Avail fm 4.3.12 NCF 1st vax 25.02.12.

Owner is known to Dog warden ..always let out to stray…didn’t claim him back this time, and enough is enough. Past his time and OK to go now..but is very urgent that we get him out quickly ..otherwise may go to be PTS.

Good bodily condition. Good with people and cats! Can be snappy with some dogs..needs to go to home where he is the only dog…for best placement. Likes treats, not really into toys. Lovely older chap! Doesn’t respond to any commands though. ??deaf?? Clean in his kennel! Loves company and cuddles!!

Still very active for his age you really wouldn’t think that he was 17 years old!!!! Really sweet old boy ..despite his aversion to some dogs (but manageable) …could be because he feels vulnerable in his senior years and cant see/hear as well as he used to

Ivan ex-poundie Staffie desperately needs a foster home or forever home

Meet Ivan, an ex-poundie Staffordshire Bull Terrier in URGENT need of a foster home (with rescue backup) or forever home. He’s not doing well in kennels and needs out asap.

If you can help at all please contact

SBT (White with black markings)
Entire. Will be neutered prior to rehoming.
5 years old approx.

Hello my name is Ivan. I am a 5 year old white staffordshire bull terrier. I ended up with Helping Hands after finding myself on death row in a dog pound. I don’t understand why noone came to claim me.

Apparently I’m a wonderful example of my breed – a typical, active, sociable staffie. I love humans and everyone tells me I’m really great company. I am fine with other dogs when I’m out and about. The staff here say I’m a bit of a ladies man… I have been out on walks with several of the lady dogs at the kennels & quite liked them, so I could possibly live with a female dog. Having said that, I do love getting all the attention, so I’d be just as happy being the only dog in my house.

Although it isn’t known if I have lived with children before, I have been very good with the children at the kennels, so I could probably live with dog-savvy children over the age of 8, provided my new owner understands the responsibility involved in having a dog and children.

I am a busy young man so I’m looking for an active home where I can get involved in the family’s activities and have lots of stimulation and exercise. I will need at least an hour’s off lead exercise every day in a safe enclosed space. Ideally I would like an owner who is at home most of the day, as I can get a little lonely if I’m on my own for too long. I do have some basic training in place, but I would love to go to training classes so I can brush up on my doggie manners. I have not been cat tested, so it’s not known whether I am safe to live with cats or small furries.

Can any rescue help this gorgeous baby boy back on his feet? He is so very miserable in kennels. A good foster home could transform him.

If you can help at all please contact