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Brindle is a very special rescue Staffie. He was adopted by Toni, who took him in after he had been mistreated.

Now he's an ambassador for the Staffie breed, starring in films & TV shows like 'Top Dog Model 2012' and winning competitions like Battersea's 'Super Staffie'.

Check out Brindle in action in this video showing some of the fantastic things he's learned!

News article from the Leicester Mecury:

A dog rescued from being tied to a tree and beaten “to toughen him up” has become a film and TV star.

Six-year-old Staffie-cross Brindle belongs to pet shop owner Toni Isden, of Saffron Lane, Leicester, who took him in after he had been mistreated.

His screen credits include Top Dog Model 2012 – he was the only Staffie at the audition – and the recent short film Finding Richard, which starred former Doctor Who Colin Baker and young Lutterworth actor David Knight.

Toni, 32, said: “The film was about a boy who discovers what he believes are historic relics, much like Richard III’s remains.

“In Brindle’s scene the remains are put out on display.

“To a dog, they are only bones and he’s got his own ideas about what to do with them. It got a lot of laughs.”

Brindle has also won the Super Staffie of the Year award from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for the work he and Toni have done to improve the breed’s image.

Toni said: “A lot of people just want Staffies as status dogs and do not realise what a talented, intelligent breed they are.”

When she acquired Brindle as a pup, he had been mistreated.

She soon bonded with him, not least because both have a hole in the heart medical condition.

Brindle is one of 11 dogs she owns, also including five husky-crosses, two bull mastiffs, a labrador, a Hungarian puli and another Staffie-cross, Ellie. All were originally waifs and strays.

Toni’s husky-crosses take part in urban mushing – using wheeled sleds – as The Mighty Mongrels, while Sanka the puli will perform tricks next month at Earls Court’s Discover Dogs event, in London.

Her household also contains Eddie and Murphy, ferrets who take the dogs in their stride.

“They have teeth and the dogs know it,” she said.

Away from show business, Brindle is a helpful assistance dog for his mistress.

She said: “If I cry for any reason, he’s there straight away, as if he reads my moods.

“The problem is that Staffies have such a bad press re-homing centres find it almost impossible to find owners.

“I often get people saying there is something wrong with their Staffie. But when I visit I find there is nothing wrong other than boredom.

“These are active, intelligent creatures who need to be given something to do.”

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