Staffie Support thanks you! We will be closing from the end of the year

Hello all,

Jo and Eileen from Staffie Support here. Wishing you all the joy of the season!

We’re getting in touch today to let you know that we will be closing down our small non-profit organisation ‘Staffie Support’ from December 31st 2018, due to unfortunately no longer having the time available to manage it. We’ve loved doing what we can to help staffies, and by no means is the help no longer needed! Staffordshire Bull Terriers are still being overbred and abandoned at a sad and shocking rate.

We want to thank you immensely for taking part in our organisation over the years by reading and sharing our appeals, sharing our posts and especially to those of you who have kindly donated money to help staffies in need.

Your funds have been put to very good use providing for neutering and spaying staffies in the rescue system – helping to stop the cycle of overbreeding, emergency boarding and transport costs for staffies on their way in to rescue, and any other ways we’ve been able to assist such as one off vets bills.

We will be forwarding our remaining monies (£762.06) on to Senior Staffy Club (Registered Charity No. 1156723) – – to help them with their amazing and dedicated work rehoming the older staffies, and would ask that if you’re not already supporting them please check them out, follow them on Facebook – – and Twitter – – and send them your donations if you’d like to help in that way.

If you currently have a regular donation set up to us via Paypal (thank you!) this will now be cancelled, but if you’d like to continue giving regularly to help staffies contact Senior Staffy Club at to find out how to send this to them.

Once again, THANK YOU for your support, we really do appreciate it and the many, many staffies that we have helped together appreciate it too!

Warmest regards and seasons greetings,
Jo and Eileen
Staffie Support

Staffie Support will be at the Desford Carnival again this year, Leicestershire LE9, 15th May 2016

staffie-img-1We’re very excited to be attending the Desford Carnival again this year to spread the word about our work with Staffies! We’ll also be raising funds with a tombola, a ‘name-the-staffy’ competition and other bits and bobs.

If you’re in the area please do come along and say hello and have a go (or two or three!) at the tombola. It should be lots of fun and every penny raised will help Staffies in need.

When: Sunday 15th May 2016 – starts at 12pm

Where: ‘Sport in Desford’, The Flying Fields, Peckleton Lane, Leicester LE9 9JU (Map below)


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More info about the Desford Carnival:

“Desford Carnival is back! All the usual stalls and activities and more! Food and drink – BBQ, cream teas, cake stalls, sweet stalls, etc. Bar will be open. Vintage ice cream van. Tombola Performances, displays, crafts.”

Venue: Sport in Desford

Disabled Access: Yes.

“Staffordshire bull terriers: A question of class?” BBC News investigates

staffie-img-2Thank you to Staffie Supporter Matthew Benjamin for sending us the link to an interesting article posted recently by the BBC.

They discuss the ways that Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been linked to attitudes towards class in Britain and why some people consider them “chav dogs” (and why that’s a load of old nonsense! (note: it’s a pro-Staffie article :) )

We’ve added some interesting snippets below but you can read the full article here:

Source: BBC News


Research by BBC News shows Staffordshire bull terriers are the third most popular dog in the UK. But why are they considered by some as the “chav dog” of choice and what does this tell us about British attitudes to class?

Bred originally as fighting dogs, the reputation of the Staffordshire bull terrier often precedes it. And when the BBC’s Dog Map appeared on 18 January, a fierce debate broke out on social media.

Painted by many as aggressive, vicious and worthy of a place on the “dangerous dogs” list, every negative view was in turn met by a barrage of positive praise citing the breed’s loyalty and affectionate character.

“No surprise to see Staffies popular in big cities where gangs of chavs live and people use them to guard homes,” said one user.

“The usual brush is tarring the Staffy,” said another. “I’m not a chav and neither are the good people I know that also own Staffs.”

So why do the dogs have such a negative reputation? And why do we judge in the first place?

Staffordshire bull terriers are often associated with specific social groups

“They’re one of those breeds that has a negative stigma attached to them and one of those is around ‘chav culture’,” said Dr Thomas Fletcher, a senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University.

“You hear stories about dangerous dogs and [people] being mauled and a pattern emerges about the type of breed that’s [involved].

“Staffies do have a particularly bad reputation, but it is important to recognise that those we hear about represent the minority of the breed. I think it’s as much to do with the owner. Animals are individuals and I think it’s very much about nurture over nature.” …

“It comes down to social norms and the expectations – who should be walking the dog and what we associate with certain people, than the breed itself.

“If a gang turned up with a dachshund it wouldn’t have the same impact.”

Elvira Meucci, campaigns director for the Dogs Trust, said dog choice and image extended beyond Staffies and “chav culture”.

“There’s no doubt that you’re saying something about your personality [with your dog],” she said.

“Staffordshire bull terriers are powerful-looking dogs and therefore they can be used to portray their owners as strong and macho, just as a Chihuahua is the choice of girls who want to look trendy.

“If you look back at how dogs have been used, it does change. [At one time] it was Dobermans, because they’re big and powerful dogs and that makes a statement.”

Staffordshire bull terriers are not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act, but are often confused with banned breeds like pit bulls, Ms Meucci added.

That being said, Staffies have made headlines for aggressive acts.

In 2011 a girl’s pet Chihuahua was mauled to death by four Staffies while a dog owner was given a suspended sentenced in 2013 after his dog decapitated another dog.

The same year, teenager Jade Anderson was killed after she was attacked by four dogs in Greater Manchester, two of which were Staffordshire bull terriers. But Coroner Alan Walsh told her inquest the problem was not specific breeds, but the control of dogs in general.

According to microchipping data, 356,000 Staffies have been tagged in the past decade by pet registration companies. The statistics perhaps fly in the face of concerns that Staffies should be given a wide berth.

But being the dog de jour is a double-edged sword, with over-breeding, a saturated market and owners who do not commit long term contributing to the number of Staffies ending up in shelters.

In 2013 more than a third of the dogs that came through the doors of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home were Staffordshire bull terriers.

Bill Lambert, from the Kennel Club, said Staffies are not naturally aggressive and were one of the only breeds it recommended as suitable around children.

“We have seen enormous growth in the popularity of Staffordshire bull terriers in the last 20 years and there’s no doubt that some of that has come about because of an increase in status dogs,” he said.

“However, the fact is that they’re a dog that doesn’t deserve the image it’s been given. They need a lot of socialising when they’re puppies, but that’s down to the owners.

“Any dog can be trained to be a bad dog, just as they can trained to be a good dog.”

Pink Hair Event for Senior Staffy Club! Ellie is going pink for older Staffies, 20 Nov 2014

2014-11_EllieHaines_pink-hair-eventOn 20th November, Ellie Haines, a dog trainer from Milton Keynes is taking the challenge of cutting her hair very short and getting it dyed bright pink! in support of our friends Senior Staffy Club, helping older Staffies.

Ellie works really hard to help animals and rescues so let’s show her our support by sending donations (no matter how small) to sponsor her in this event.

Send a donation to Senior Staffy Club

Here’s some more info from Ellie about her appeal:

My name is Ellie Haines and I am a dog trainer from Milton Keynes.
I am owned by 7 dogs, 3 of which are from rescue centres and two a re-homes from the pound and a re-home from another owner.
Staffies are a breed very close to my heart as I used to look after one as a child/teenager for a family friend called “Oscar”, he was fantastic and could snore for England.

This is where my love of bull breeds started, I love their funny characters and bulldozer qualities. They certainly try to find the love and happiness in everyone, Staffies can always make people smile.

I feel so sad for those without homes, especially the oldies as they should be in the warmest of houses, with the comfiest of beds, with the kindest owners. It saddens me to think of those Staffies who have been booted out when they get to an older age, or when they are no longer useful to their “owners”.

2014-11_EllieHaines_pink-hair-event2I love the work that Senior Staffy Club does for the older Staffies, they work so hard to find space for as many as they possibly can, they are amazing people and I truly admire them.

I want to make a contribution to help and have been looking for an “image change” for a while as I have had long blonde/brown hair for years!! So I thought a much shorter hair style with very bright pink hair in the name of helping SSC!!

If all of my family and friends could donate just £2 this would go so far to helping with the cost of saving these lovely dogs. They need that £2 so much more than you do and if you can pledge more that is fantastic.


Staffie Support tombola and stall at the Desford Carnival in Leicestershire, 29th June 2014

staffie-img-2We’ll have a tombola stall at Desford Carnival in Leicestershire on Sunday 29 Jun, raising funds for Staffies in need and raising awareness of the Staffie crisis.

If you’re in the area please do come along and join us! The Carnival starts at 12pm.

Location: ‘Sport in Desford’, The Flying Fields, Peckleton Lane, Leicester LE9 9JU (Map below)

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More info about the Desford Carnival:

Desford Carnival

A community event which will have displays, stalls and activities for all the family. Arena events include Enderby band, dance displays, demonstrations by the clubs that meet at SiD as well as local schools. Opportunities to have a go at something new and find out about village organisations. Refreshments including bar.

Venue: Sport in Desford

Disabled Access: Yes.

Staffies needing homes at College Garth Kennels, Leicestershire

College Garth Kennels in Leicestershire have lots of lovely Staffies looking for new homes and they’re also looking for volunteers for dog walking.


If you’re looking to adopt a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or you’re looking for dog rescue volunteering in their area please get in touch with them:

Address: College Garth Kennels, Derby Road, Hathern, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5LD

01509 842327 or 07803 562306

Opening times:
9am – 5pm Mon – Fri
9am – 4pm Sat – Sun

“College Garth Kennels is a stray dog rescue kennel in Hathern Leicestershire. We work with the local councils to reunite and rehome stray dogs and think the best way to choose a new dog is by rehoming one.”

Bruce – an energetic 9 year old Staffie needs a home!

Redgate Sanctuary are appealing for a home for Bruce, if you’re interested please contact them via the info below or if you know someone else who may be interested pass on the link to this page. Thanks!



Bruce is almost 9 years old, castrated, vaccinated and microchipped. He does not behave like an older dog, he has plenty of energy, loves his walks and enjoys playing ball. He is a very friendly and gentle boy who enjoys the company of people as well as meeting other dogs on walks. Above all he loves a cuddle and will be happiest in a home where he is not left on his own for long hours.

If you require more information please let me know. People who might be interested in meeting Bruce can visit Redgate sanctuary any day between 10 am and 4 pm. Our address is 233 Shaw Lane, Markfield, LE67 9PW Tel: 01530 243925”

Staffie Support attending ‘Pet Service’ at St Martin’s Church, Desford, Sunday 6th October

staffie-img-1Staffie Support have been kindly offered a table at the ‘Pet Service’ on Sunday 6th October at:

St Martin’s Church, Desford, LE9 9JP at 3.00pm

Eileen will be attending and we hope to raise some much needed funds for Staffies! So if you’re in the area please do stop by.

Here’s some more information on the event:

Animal Welfare Sunday
You are invited to our annual Pet Service on Sunday 6th October at St Martin’s Church, Desford, LE9 9JP at 3.00pm, to give thanks for the love and companionship that our pets give to us. All pets welcome, dogs on leads and other pets in cages please.

We would love to see you there!

If you would like a photo of your pet to be included in the service presentation please email to

Rescue needed for Charlie – White Staffie, 7 years old, male

We’ve received this request for help via email, we hope to get more information soon but if anyone might be able to help please do get in touch and we can pass on the contact details.

We are here from NZ to see mother-in-law(79) after operation, her 7 and half year old white staffie x is too much for her now, we are trying to find a home for him before we go back on the 26th July, we have phoned numerus places, all full,we can not go back and leave him with her, could you help, we are willing to transport him anywhere in the country and would be willing to make a donation if you could help us, thanks.

2 years of Staffie Support! Will you help us celebrate?

staffie-support-birthday-staffieCan you believe it’s been 2 years already?! We can’t!

To celebrate our 2 year annivesary we’re putting out the call to Staffie people everywhere – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Can you help us to make the next 2 years even bigger?

Staffies are still the most overbred dog breed in the UK, the problem does not seem to be slowing down.

We need to step up our efforts in:

  • raising awareness of the overbreeding crisis and the frequent euthanisation of Staffies
  • promoting Staffordshire Bull Terriers in need of adoption
  • fundraising to help save Staffies at risk of euthanisation and ex-poundies in need of a home

How would YOU like to help the Staffies?

Well we’re sure a lot of people reading this already DO help Staffies – and for that we send you a big sloppy Staffie lick (a virtual one of course) and a thank you!

If you do already work to help Staffies perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking part in our celebrations too, so that we can, hopefully, start to make more of an impact with the UK public.

If we can get people in the dozens, hundreds or even (preferably) thousands working together we can surely make a difference?

Here’s a few ideas ranging from really easy and quick, to a bigger, more long term committment to helping Staffies.


1. Print our poster and stick it up around your local area

In vets surgeries, pet shops, kennels, community centres etc. or even just in your car window

Spreading the word about the Staffie crisis is a REALLY IMPORTANT step in getting to the root of the problem. Most people don’t realise there is a crisis and they will happily go out and buy a Staffie pup without even considering that there are thousands already at risk desperately in need of a home.


2. Donate £2 to help Staffie Support fund vet treatment and emergency boarding for Staffies in need

Help us celebrate 2 years by giving 2 pounds! Simple :)

Yes, I would like to donate £2 to Staffie Support


3. Run a Staffie Awareness day in your town

If you’d be interested in running a special Staffie Awareness day in your local area we can help you set it up and send you lots of printed promotional materials like leaflets and large scale posters.

Awareness days involve talking to people about the Staffie crisis, handing out leaflets etc. You could even run games and competitions if you like, whatever you think will help raise awareness.

This could held be at a local summer fete, at a car boot sale, or at your local pet shop. We have done a few at a local Pets at Home branch so you could check with your local branch to see if they’d welcome you to do a Staffie Awareness day there.

Get in touch with us if this is something you’d be interested in. We can either chat about it by email or we can exchange phone numbers and have a chat over the phone, whatever you prefer.

We hope to hear from you soon!

4. Join the Staffie Support team and bring your own ideas to the table!

Staffie Support is currently run by myself (Jo) and Eileen, just the two of us, and although we do our best and are proud of what Staffie Support has achieved since we started in 2011, we do find our time is often limited and we don’t get round to putting as many plans in to action as we would like.

We’re looking for people who’d like to get more involved on a deeper level to help us with the running of the organisation – people who’d like to organise fundraising events or media campaigns – or perhaps you have other skills you’d like to share to help Staffies.

We’re all ears so whatever you’d like to give please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and hopefully we can work together soon.


to everyone who has supported and donated to us over the last 2 years – you know who you are. You are part of the solution!

Here’s to the next 2 years! 😀 Let’s do this!

p.s. We are a bit behind on our ‘Donations History’ page updates and news posts about donations we’ve been sending out recently – apolgies for this. We’ll get an update together very soon with more details on what we’ve been up to so keep an eye on the news section if you’d like to find out more.