About staffies

About the Staffordshire Bull Terrier crisis

Once the ‘nanny dog’…now the ‘death row dog’

“Status Dogs”

Over the past decade, the SBT has become a very popular breed in the UK. Thousands of people enjoy having them as family pets, known for their good behaviour with children (hence their nickname ‘the nanny dog’).

But sadly they have a new nickname now – the death row dogs. Unfortunately they’ve become popular with a section of society that does not take their dog’s welfare seriously.

Overbreeding, abandonment, negligence and lack of training have all become large factors in the Staffie crisis.

Beautiful, healthy, friendly dogs are being destroyed needlessly. There is just no one there to pick up the tab.

In the dog pound

An estimated 7 out of 10 dogs going through the UK dog pounds are Staffies, many at risk of euthanisation

When a dog is abandoned or allowed to stray, it will end up in the pound. These are kennels run by or paid for by the Local Authorities.

Under current UK law, dogs must remain at the pound for 7 days. If the dog is not reclaimed by it’s owner within this period the Local Authorities can then rehome the dog, sell the dog, pass the dog to rescue, or euthanise the dog.

Recent figures show that an estimated 9,000 (approx) dogs are euthanised EACH YEAR by UK Local Authorities. For people involved in dog rescue, it’s clear that probably 50% or more of these dogs are Staffordshire Bull Terriers (estimated).

There are also unfortunately some animal rescues that do not have an appropriate ‘no-kill’ policy, and many thousands of Staffordshire Bull Terriers that are supposed to be in rescue care are also euthanised each year.


Visit any ‘free-ad’ site and you will find adverts from Staffie owners offering their dogs for ‘stud’. People around the country are profiting from breeding their Staffies, and sadly some don’t give any thought to the future welfare of the dogs.

It’s a vicious circle fuelled by greed, selfishness and ignorance, and the Staffordshire Bull Terriers are paying the ultimate price.