Pink Hair Event for Senior Staffy Club! Ellie is going pink for older Staffies, 20 Nov 2014

2014-11_EllieHaines_pink-hair-eventOn 20th November, Ellie Haines, a dog trainer from Milton Keynes is taking the challenge of cutting her hair very short and getting it dyed bright pink! in support of our friends Senior Staffy Club, helping older Staffies.

Ellie works really hard to help animals and rescues so let’s show her our support by sending donations (no matter how small) to sponsor her in this event.

Send a donation to Senior Staffy Club

Here’s some more info from Ellie about her appeal:

My name is Ellie Haines and I am a dog trainer from Milton Keynes.
I am owned by 7 dogs, 3 of which are from rescue centres and two a re-homes from the pound and a re-home from another owner.
Staffies are a breed very close to my heart as I used to look after one as a child/teenager for a family friend called “Oscar”, he was fantastic and could snore for England.

This is where my love of bull breeds started, I love their funny characters and bulldozer qualities. They certainly try to find the love and happiness in everyone, Staffies can always make people smile.

I feel so sad for those without homes, especially the oldies as they should be in the warmest of houses, with the comfiest of beds, with the kindest owners. It saddens me to think of those Staffies who have been booted out when they get to an older age, or when they are no longer useful to their “owners”.

2014-11_EllieHaines_pink-hair-event2I love the work that Senior Staffy Club does for the older Staffies, they work so hard to find space for as many as they possibly can, they are amazing people and I truly admire them.

I want to make a contribution to help and have been looking for an “image change” for a while as I have had long blonde/brown hair for years!! So I thought a much shorter hair style with very bright pink hair in the name of helping SSC!!

If all of my family and friends could donate just £2 this would go so far to helping with the cost of saving these lovely dogs. They need that £2 so much more than you do and if you can pledge more that is fantastic.