Positive Press for Staffies – let’s help Lola the Staffie win “RSPCA’s happiest pet”!

2013-05_Lola_RSPCA-happiest-pet_photoThis weekend we received this email from Becky, she’s entered her beautiful Staffie Lola in the RSPCA’s Happiest Pet competition – let’s vote Lola up and help get some positive press for Staffies!

And a huge well done to Becky for her hard work promoting Staffies as the happy and wonderful pets they are 😀

Subject: Positive Press for Staffies / RSPCA’s happiest pet

Please please post this on your site. We’ve been working so hard to promote positive press for staffies. Our beautiful Lola is currently number 1 in RSPCA’s happiest pet competition and we’ve been promoting the breed with the BBC but we are now at risk of losing the top spot, we need votes! Competition ends Monday and we’ve held the top spot for so long.

We want Lola as an advocate for positive Staffy press by winning RSPCA’s worlds happiest pet! We really need your votes people, been working so hard to promote staffies in a positive light and the competition is getting way too close. Lola’s No1 still but only just.

The Competition ends Monday, we really need one last push to secure this. So please please vote, even if you’ve voted already you can vote again each day. We’ve held the top spot for so long thanks to the overwhelming support but let’s not lose it now!

Hear our interview with BBC:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p017jfhk 1hr and 15 mins in

Please vote for Lola at:


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Please share this on your [Facebook] walls, so others can vote to. Positive Press For Staffies, c’mon guys!!!

Thank you again for your time, Becky