2 years of Staffie Support! Will you help us celebrate?

staffie-support-birthday-staffieCan you believe it’s been 2 years already?! We can’t!

To celebrate our 2 year annivesary we’re putting out the call to Staffie people everywhere – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Can you help us to make the next 2 years even bigger?

Staffies are still the most overbred dog breed in the UK, the problem does not seem to be slowing down.

We need to step up our efforts in:

  • raising awareness of the overbreeding crisis and the frequent euthanisation of Staffies
  • promoting Staffordshire Bull Terriers in need of adoption
  • fundraising to help save Staffies at risk of euthanisation and ex-poundies in need of a home

How would YOU like to help the Staffies?

Well we’re sure a lot of people reading this already DO help Staffies – and for that we send you a big sloppy Staffie lick (a virtual one of course) and a thank you!

If you do already work to help Staffies perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking part in our celebrations too, so that we can, hopefully, start to make more of an impact with the UK public.

If we can get people in the dozens, hundreds or even (preferably) thousands working together we can surely make a difference?

Here’s a few ideas ranging from really easy and quick, to a bigger, more long term committment to helping Staffies.


1. Print our poster and stick it up around your local area

In vets surgeries, pet shops, kennels, community centres etc. or even just in your car window

Spreading the word about the Staffie crisis is a REALLY IMPORTANT step in getting to the root of the problem. Most people don’t realise there is a crisis and they will happily go out and buy a Staffie pup without even considering that there are thousands already at risk desperately in need of a home.


2. Donate £2 to help Staffie Support fund vet treatment and emergency boarding for Staffies in need

Help us celebrate 2 years by giving 2 pounds! Simple :)

Yes, I would like to donate £2 to Staffie Support


3. Run a Staffie Awareness day in your town

If you’d be interested in running a special Staffie Awareness day in your local area we can help you set it up and send you lots of printed promotional materials like leaflets and large scale posters.

Awareness days involve talking to people about the Staffie crisis, handing out leaflets etc. You could even run games and competitions if you like, whatever you think will help raise awareness.

This could held be at a local summer fete, at a car boot sale, or at your local pet shop. We have done a few at a local Pets at Home branch so you could check with your local branch to see if they’d welcome you to do a Staffie Awareness day there.

Get in touch with us if this is something you’d be interested in. We can either chat about it by email or we can exchange phone numbers and have a chat over the phone, whatever you prefer.

We hope to hear from you soon!

4. Join the Staffie Support team and bring your own ideas to the table!

Staffie Support is currently run by myself (Jo) and Eileen, just the two of us, and although we do our best and are proud of what Staffie Support has achieved since we started in 2011, we do find our time is often limited and we don’t get round to putting as many plans in to action as we would like.

We’re looking for people who’d like to get more involved on a deeper level to help us with the running of the organisation – people who’d like to organise fundraising events or media campaigns – or perhaps you have other skills you’d like to share to help Staffies.

We’re all ears so whatever you’d like to give please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and hopefully we can work together soon.


to everyone who has supported and donated to us over the last 2 years – you know who you are. You are part of the solution!

Here’s to the next 2 years! 😀 Let’s do this!

p.s. We are a bit behind on our ‘Donations History’ page updates and news posts about donations we’ve been sending out recently – apolgies for this. We’ll get an update together very soon with more details on what we’ve been up to so keep an eye on the news section if you’d like to find out more.