Say hello to our first Patron – young author Charles Eades

We are very pleased to announce that Staffie Support has a Patron – Charles Eades – author of ‘Son of the Lamp‘.

Charles contacted us earlier this year to offer his support for Staffies, having grown up with the breed, and he has very kindly written 2 short stories featuring a Staffie (and a cat! Harry and Bonny) specially for Staffie Support which we’ll be publishing very soon.

Shortly after hearing from Charles we asked him if he’d like to become a Patron for our organisation so that we could continue to work together in the future.

We must admit we’re new to running an organisation with Patrons and Charles is new to being a Patron, so we don’t have any huge plans just yet but we certainly plan to support each other by raising awareness for each others work.

Please help us to support Charles by checking out his first published book and reading more about him below and via his website. Thanks!

About Charles’ book ‘Son of the Lamp

Chris Forrester is a normal teenager until one day he wakes up at Genie Academy. With no idea how he got there or who he was before he became a genie, Chris must learn to use his new magical powers. When he is unexpectedly summoned back to the mortal world he finds he must grant three wishes to his new mistress, a stubborn and disagreeable teenage girl. Chris and his reluctant mistress are soon plunged into a world of wicked fairies, grotesque monsters and dangerous magical weapons, a world they will only survive if they can stop arguing.

About Charles Eades

Charles Eades is a recently published author originally from Cheshire. His first published novel is a fantasy book for children and teenagers entitled “Son of the Lamp”. He has grown up with Staffordshire bull terriers and is very proud to support them. More information on Charles and Son of the Lamp can be found by visiting his website at