Staffie Support sending £200 to poundie organisation Homeless Hounds to help Staffies

Thanks to everyone’s kind donations and the fantastic support from Lucky 13 Tattoo in Leicester recently raising £680 for Staffie Support, we’ve recently had more funds available and this has meant we’ve been able to send a £200 donation (we’re calling them mini-grants) to a UK poundie organisation, Homeless Hounds.

Homeless Hounds is charitable organisation working primarily with a stray dog kennel in the North West. They deal with large numbers of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffie crosses (along with other breeds) and their volunteers and trustees work incredibly hard to save as many as they can.

We’ve sent this donation to help fund their work, especially since they’ve recently received large vets bills for dogs in their care. We hope the funds we have raised will help them to continue helping many Staffies and finding them great rescue spaces across the UK.

If you don’t already know Homeless Hounds please do visit their website and find out more about them and give them your support. They are working so hard and they’ve recently had to deal with quite a few dogs that have ‘slipped through the net’ and been put to sleep by their local pound, and although this is incredibly upsetting and disheartening they continue to fight for the dogs that they can help.

“Homeless-Hounds are a group of dedicated people who believe that the unnecessary destruction of healthy dogs is both immoral and unacceptable.

We work primarily with a kennels in the North West to save the lives of stray and abandoned dogs by finding them places of safety and transporting them there.

We work closely with rescues across the country who take our dogs when they have space and we have a dedicated team of foster families who look after dogs when a space for them can’t be found. Once a space is found we use kind volunteers to help us transport these dogs to safety.

Often abandoned dogs are ill or injured and we need to care for them until they are well enough to move on. Vets fees and caring for these dogs cost a lot of money so we are always looking for people to help with our fundraising because without funds we cannot save these dogs lives.”

Visit to find out more about their work
Sign up as a volunteer at Rescue Helpers Unite now and help Homeless Hounds and other poundie organisations to save more Staffies