Staffie fundraising walk up Mount Snowdon, July (not Staffie Support)

As we mentioned in our last blog post, we’ve recently been contacted by Tara at ‘Snowdon Staffie Fundraisers’ to ask if we can help promote some Staffie events, and of course we are happy to help :)

“Adam, Tara and their dog Casper will be walking up Mount Snowdon this summer, in order to raise much needed funds for two Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Groups.”

Little Angels Staffie Rescue (rescuing Staffies on behalf of Doris Banham Dog Rescue) and Leicester SBT Rescue.”

“The event is scheduled for Thursday 5th July, however, this could change +/- a day, if the weather is too cold and wet. ”

“This is for Casper’s benefit as we want him to enjoy the walk as much as possible!”

“All proceeds will be placed into the Snowdon Fundraiser account.”

“Visit our Facebook Event Page to keep updated with the latest news!”

If you’re in the area please go along and support this good cause and help these rescues to help more Staffies!

Find out more at:

Copied from Snowdon Fundraisers website:


Each year in the UK, 11,000 dogs are put to sleep, simply because they are unwanted and there is no one to care for them.

Almost 9,000 of these are Staffordshire Bull Terriers!

This problem arises from overbreeding!

The puppies are dumped once they are no longer cute bundles of fluff. Sadly, many fall into the wrong hands and are used in dog fights.

If this site stops one person from irresponsibly breeding their dog, we have suceeded.

As many of you will have seen, Staffordshire Bull Terriers have recently been under fire and have received a great deal of bad press. Anyone who owns a Staffie or knows one well, will know they are the most loving and loyal dogs around.

It is important that we keep this image alive and promote the good side of these dogs.

With ANY breed, if the dog is brought up by an incompetent owner, they can (not WILL) become aggressive, particularly if this behaviour is encouraged!

Staffies are often used as status symbols for their ‘fear factor’, but many of us know they are more likely to ‘lick you to death’ rather than savage you.

It is this misconception that has led to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier rising to the top of the ‘Most Unwanted Breed’ list. With SO MANY Staffies being given up, dumped or taken from inappropriate owners (primarily those suspected of engaging in dog fighting), the rescues who take care of these dogs are in desperate need of funds to continue their fabulous work!

These organisations do not receive any Government funding and rely on the generosity of people like You and I. Many of these rescue charities do not have kennels to hold the dogs, they rely on volunteers to ‘foster’ the dogs whilst they find their forever home. This incurs costs such as feeding the dogs and vet bills, so your donations are appreciated greatly.

If you are unable to donate money, they are always grateful for help in the form of blankets, quilts, toys etc that can be given to the dogs. (For other items please visit the websites themselves to view lists of items needed)

We aim to raise a minimum of £100 for each rescue to help towards the costs of caring for these dogs. Any amount, even as little as 50p is appreciated by the rescues as every penny counts.”