Urgent appeal for Staffies Derry, Northern Ireland

We have received this appeal by email. If anyone can help, especially if you’re in Ireland or know a rescue in Ireland who could provide rescue backup, please contact the pound (details under the quote). Thank you.

“Please could you rescue these staffies in our local dog pound in Derry, Northern Ireland or they will be put to sleep! They have been there since Jan 4/12 at least and our single local dog rescue center is full to capacity and can’t help them (or they would gladly).

Here is the link a link to our local rescue center Rainbow Rehoming for Cats and Dogs (http://www.rainbowrehoming.com/adopt/dogs_line1.htm#Pound) with pictures of the dogs in the Pound and all info needed to contact Derry Dog Pound where the dogs presently are, but please hurry, they don’t keep them very long before they put them to sleep!

Thank you for your help. If you know of any other rescue people in Northern Ireland that could help, I would be most willing to contact them myself to save these poor dogs.

Liz Jordan
Derry, N.I.”

Pound contact details available from this website – http://www.rainbowrehoming.com

Here are some photo’s, there may be more Staffies in need than the ones shown below, still working out the details.