Your donations in action! Funds sent to help Staffies previously at risk of euthanisation

Recently, Helping Hands Dog Rescue removed a group of 10 Staffies and Staffie crosses out of the pound when they were at risk of euthanisation by the Local Authority.

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Staffies in boarding for Christmas

Thanks to the help of kind donations the dogs are now spending the festive season in boarding kennels, at a cost of £5 per night.

Helping Hands are now appealing for dog rescues to come forward to offer backup on the dogs.

They’re also appealing for donations towards the continued kennel costs, until the dogs have found suitable backup.

Donation from Staffie Support

Using a portion of the kind donations sent to Staffie Support since our creation earlier this year, we’ve sent a £200.00 donation to Helping Hands to fund 4 nights of boarding for each dog.

Along with other donations sent from the public, this is helping to buy these dogs some more time to find rescue placements, and a chance at life!

But the time of year makes things even more difficult as many rescues are stretched in terms of donations and volunteer help during the Christmas period.

Send a donation & spreading the word to help these Staffies

If you’d like to help please send a donation to Helping Hands Dog Rescue, even if it’s just £1

And if you know of any rescues or volunteers that may be able to help, or any media outlets that may be able to bring more attention to this appeal – please do what you can to help!

Share the link to this page, Helping Hands website or the video below (or all of those things!) and you could help these Staffies to stay alive and get the help they need.

Helping Hands Christmas Carol Appeal – PLEASE SHARE!

Please watch and share this video on your Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. to bring more attention to this appeal

As soon as we know further on this appeal we will update you. There are some fundraising ideas in the works that we hope to be able to help with so do check back soon or subscribe to our posts (see the links top right of this page) to stay up to date on the latest Staffie Support news.

Together we can make a difference for these Staffies!

Thank you,
Staffie Support