Campaigning for Staffies in Scotland – petition to the government and meeting between rescues

A recent campaign started by Ian Robb who runs Help for Abandoned Animals Abroath is taking off in Scotland – he has successfully gained the support of his MSP, spoken with all 29 councillors in his area and raised an e petition which gained over 500 signatures and went in front of the Scottish Government in September.

Animal rescues and the public are urged to contact their MSP’s regarding the plight of staffies and the over breeding and abandonment of staffies.

As a result of the petitions committee agreeing to take forward the issue of overbreeding and abandonment of staffies, a meeting has been arranged try to come up with a solution. There should also soon be a downloadable letter available to send to MSP’s adding support for the petition.

Find out more at –

If anyone would like to go along to the meeting we have available for download a copy of the invite letter for animal rescues and the meeting agenda.

The meeting is on Tuesday 15th November 10.30am in Glasgow.