Support the rescuers – donations needed to help pay boarding costs that saved Staffies lives – please help

About a month ago we posted about 4 Staffies that were in desperate need of help. They, along with around 20 other dogs from the same place, were at serious risk of being euthanised when the person caring for them decided she would no longer do so and would have them put to sleep if no one else stepped in to take them.

Luckily, people did step in. Some dedicated volunteer rescuers got the dogs out of their deadly situation and in to emergency boarding kennels, where they stayed whilst suitable rescue backup and homes could be found for them and thanks to the work of these kind volunteers, all of the dogs have now moved on to rescue places or new homes.

This was costly but worth it to keep these dogs alive. But now they’re asking if YOU can do your bit to help support this rescue mission and send a donation to help them pay the £1600+ still owed for the kennel, vets, food etc. fee’s paid to keep these dogs alive.

A small donation is all it takes and you can be part of saving these Staffie’s lives. These rescuers have done a difficult and heart wrenching job to save them and they need everyone’s support.

Send a donation now by Paypal to


Commercial donations

Commercial donations from businesses are very welcome and to say thank you your business will get a free mention and link on the Rescue Helpers Unite forum which receives thousands of visits every month, plus we’ll link to you here at Staffie Support and other sites around the web will too!

So for sending a donation you get:

a) To do a good thing and contribute to the rescue of Staffies at serious risk of euthanisation

b) FREE advertising to thousands and thousands of animal rescue volunteers and rescue workers!

Please get in touch with the Hobo’s campaigners at or send a donation now by Paypal to that email address.

Thank you!

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